Camp Safety – Bear-Proof Your Campsite

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BLACK BEARIf you are camping in bear country – which includes many of our beautiful National Parks – you need to take some extra precautions. Bears have a tremendous sense of smell, and they are so strong they can rip out a car window or tear off a car door a lot easier than you might think.

Here are some bear-proofing tips:

  • Don’t store any food inside your vehicle or tent.
  • Instead, use specially designed bear canisters, which are lightweight, durable plastic canisters that are virtually indestructible and bear-proof.
  • Most parks recommend these bear canisters for all food, and some even require them.
  • Bears have learned how to get to food caches suspended from tree branches, so do not rely on the old backpacker trick.
  • If you’re going camping in an area with bears, carry bear canisters, bear repellent, and watch out for bears near the campsites.
  • Keep food prep to a minimum.
  • Finally, please, oh, please do not feed the bears.

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  1. While camping in the sequoias the bears were EVERYWHERE! We thought it was fantastic, but our neighbors left lotion in their car and the bears broke in for the lotion. You need to respect the bears and their habitat


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