RV Camping Alternatives

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The joy and convenience of RV camping has taken a hit this summer with outrageous gas fill up costs of $500 to $800. If you feel compelled to let your RV sit at home this year, take the opportunity to try out other forms of camping. Summer won’t be summer without a few nights under the stars.

Option 1. Tent Camping - If you own an RV, one of the reasons is likely to be that you don’t like the hassle of setting up tents (and breaking it down). But when was the last time you looked at camping tents though? Today’s tents are light and weather-proof, and are a snap to set up. The Wenzel Timber Ridge Sport 9-by-7-Foot Four-Person Dome Tent takes only a few minutes to set up, even for beginners. At $39, even if you resume RV camping, it’s a spare handy shelter to have for kids to sleep and play in.

If you are willing to invest more, the tent I recommend (double-coated rainfly, and built-in remote-controlled lights) is the Columbia Bugaboo Four to Five-Person Family Dome Tent.

Option 2: Yurt Camping - Check your local state parks and campgrounds if they offer yurts. Yurts are move-in-ready tents. When you check-inn at the campground office you will be given a lock combination code or key that will open the door of your yurt. Did you hear that? A door. Yes, a Yurt has a door. You open that door and you find furniture, simple appliances – some even come with linens and utensils. Read my earlier post about this unique outdoor camping style: yurt camping.

Option 3: Tagalong Trailers – If you’ve been considering scaling down your outdoor abode, maybe it’s time to consider travelling with a small tagalong trailer, instead of a living room on wheels. The Mercedes class of these is the sleek Airstream Basecamp. At $26K list, I will need to trade in my kid’s college savings to afford one. Don’t think my hubby will go for that.

A more affordable version is the LittleGuy TearDrop Trailer
which starts at $5,495. You can see pictures of the manufacturer’s web site: http://www.golittleguy.com. It’s still not chump change. It’s like deciding to buy a scooter to drive to work and leave your Hummer at home. Want to save even more? Build it yourself, just like Mary and Myron did (see video below).


  1. That camper is COOL! I want one!

  2. Suzanne J. Cronk says:

    How could it be if you used 2×4’s stuck into the ground with a frame roof to make a wall tent, or a yurt from chain link fence roll or something?Much, much more supplies are made today available at any hardware or department store I’m sure ancient peoples would envy!

  3. Mark Robinson says:

    We have a teardrop by Big Woody Campers. Much nicer than a Little guy. They also have plans to build your own, but we didn’t have the time or space to do it. Web site is http://www.bigwoodycampers.com

  4. An RV offers the convenience of cooking the food we love to eat, sleeping whenever we feel the need and even take a hot shower in a remote campground.

  5. As far as camping with a tent, as an alternative to the RV, tents are now much easier to setup and take down. And they are much lighter in weight than before.

  6. My parents took the family camping from back in the 1950’s, a long time ago. My father was great at planning everything you could imagine. We had a tent trailer and I remember him checking it out to make sure that everything was in good working order.


  1. Jim says:


    I found your post Friday while looking for tent camping tips. Are you sure about this? Well anyway it was nice reading….

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