10 Beginner Camping Mistakes

Put Out The SkirtWatch a funny movie here

If even seasoned boy scouts do dumb things like that video, do beginner campers have a chance?

Every [tag-tec]campground[/tag-tec] has their share of first time campers. And it’s hard not to feel sympathy for them. Here are 10 common beginner camping mistakes:

1. They arrive near sunset after hours of driving. They fumble around to put up their camping tent in the dark and can’t find the parts.

2. They arrive in broad daylight and argue and fight for all the neighbors to see ‘cos they can’t agree which tent pole slips where since they didn’t practice at home.

3. They believe the occupancy number rating
given by tent manufacturers and don’t realize they were counting sardines, not humans.

4. They do not bring a stove and count on the campfire to cook all their food. “Is it ready, Dad?”, “Is it ready, Dad?”, “Is it ready, Dad?”

5. They plan elaborate menus instead of assembling simple meals that are just as satisfying and much less stressful.

6. They leave food and trash bags overnight and wake up to a possum party.

7. They don’t have the right camping gear, for example, a lantern and are surprised how dark the dark is in the wilderness.

8. They don’t use any pad or mattress between their sleeping bags and the cold ground.

9. They get 8 hours of sleep alright, just in 79 installments.

10. They bring too many big things and too few little things like Old Maid cards, ghost stories for the kids, hot chocolate, and a harmonica.

Camping planning is more than just packing the right camping gear.
It starts from knowing what camping style suits your family best, which campground meets your family’s needs, pre-cooking at home to make food prep fun and easy at camp, knowing how to set up your camp site for maximum enjoyment.

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